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How “progressive” is your Board?

Progressive Boards.  The range of responses I receive when I say those two words is fascinating. Reactions range from:

  • “Is there such a thing?” (cynicism)
  • “Of course, all Boards are progressive.” (indignation)
  • “Which Boards are the most progressive?” (curiosity)
  • “Is the Board I sit on progressive?” (self-reflection)
  • “What could we do to be more progressive?” (practical)

Was your reaction one of these, or something different?

It brought...


People risks: How Boards can avoid reputation-wrecking headlines

As I opened and leafed through the papers last week, I was struck by the sheer number of reputation-damaging stories that referenced culture, conduct and the condonation of unacceptable behaviour.  Let’s just take the Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday last week, for example.  In that one day, headlines screamed, “There was a culture of bullying in that room”, “Left faction...


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