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You may not have heard the term ‘business facilitator’ before, so let us just clarify - it's not so much a job title (although it can be) but what the person or role actually does in a business or organisation.  It is sometimes also called an integrator or implementer and this function may just as easily be carried out by those titled Executive Assistant, Senior Personal Assistant, Sprint Facilitator, Project Manager, Office Manager, Chief of Staff and even a hands-on Executive Manager.

So what does a business facilitator do exactly?  Well, they.. 

  • Create group synergy
  • Move a group or business towards a desired destination
  • Guide processes and align people around common goals, helping them to commit to action and get the right things done well
  • Cut through the “noise” to focus on what matters for business impact, revenue and growth

In relation to business, "facilitation" is all about facilitating growth, people, problems, processes, products and services, as well as external and internal communications and stakeholders.  It's a role that really is the glue that holds a team, unit, department or business together, helps people focus on the things that move the needle and get them done, through and with people.

So business facilitation is about tweaking the levers that help businesses run more smoothly, simply, faster, better and easier by influencing what happens, when it happens and how it happens.  At it's heart, the business facilitator creates clarity, sets the pace and boosts impact that executives, teams and businesses can have.

Why do businesses and leaders need strong business facilitators alongside?

With work becoming more and more complex, and with the increasing pace and speed of how we need to operate to deliver the products, services and customer experiences our customers and stakeholders want us to, it's so easy for activities, programs and projects to become disjointed, orphaned, out of alignment and/or to lose momentum.  

Along with this complexity, comes the reality that not all of us are expert in all the capabilities needed to successfully lead and run a business, while managing customer and stakeholder expectations, while also executing on what's needed for growth.  Nor do many business leaders have the bandwidth, appetite or capabilities to do what's needed to focus on the day to day, while also keeping eyes on the future and creating the conditions for growth.

And this is where the business facilitator steps in.  No matter their title, these are the people who work horizontally across the organisation.  They are the organisers, co-ordinators and navigators of relationships, programs and processes.  They create impact, alignment and momentum.

Redesigning roles for impact

Taking another angle, think about what's happening to the traditional executive assistant type role.  Our friends the robots and cobots are taking on more and more of the repetitive and administrative of tasks.  Technology is helping leaders to becoming increasingly self-sufficient.  It's easy, fast and inexpensive to outsource many of the tasks that were one a core part of the EA role.  And so EAs are finding they want - and need to - reinvent themselves for the future.

And that's why we've stepped in to help these invaluable business professionals reposition themselves as business facilitators for better performance and sustained growth - not to mention greater job and career satisfaction, career growth and fun!

Join us

As one of Australia’s most experienced people and workforce advisors, we work with people-centric, purpose-driven organisations that have ambitions to grow in new directions and/or disrupt their industries and beyond.  So if this sounds like your business, or you'd like to add more value in businesses like these, then we'd love to share with you what we're doing and how.

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