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Reduce people risks by powerfully influencing tone, pace, courage and stronger "next-gen" people practices.

We work closely with the Boards, CEOs and executive teams of progressive organisations who are growing, re-shaping, disrupting or being disrupted, and who recognise their workforce’s potential to drive value. They know that keeping a close eye on potential people risks makes good business sense - not just for compliance, but for reasons of governance and strategic leadership.

As well as sharing insights with business leaders about how they can build their future-fit workforces, we work more deeply with three types of Boards and CEOs, or those who might be a blend.

Recognise your Board or CEO?

Seeking peace of mind?

An Exposed Board

Has a sense of potential people risks. 
Perhaps concerned about personal liability. 
Keen to address risks quickly and quietly.

Looking for greater confidence?

An Aware Board

Concerned about workforce future-readiness. 
Requires a more objective perspective. 
Keen to improve transparency and governance.

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Seeking greater momentum? 

A Pace-Setting Board

Aspires to a market-leading workforce. 
Looks to sustain long-term out-performance. 
Keen to leave the legacy of a future-ready workforce.

Future Crafters

FutureCrafters gives Boards and leaders the momentum they need to solve people risks and proactively shape a future-ready workforce.

Our clients are typically growing, disrupting, being disrupted, transitioning or preparing to do so. They are ready to solve current people issues and intentionally shape the workforce of tomorrow, today.

Future Crafters

Mobile: +61 (0)408 864 182