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Shaping the workforce of tomorrow, today.

We are a Sydney-based people consulting and advisory firm, specialising in giving Boards, Owners and CEOs the momentum they need to solve people risks, and build future-fit workforces for sustained performance and growth.

We’re one of Australia’s most experienced people and workforce advisors. We focus on working with the most senior leaders of people-centric, purpose-driven organisations that have ambitions to transition from the old, grow in new directions, and/or disrupt their industries and beyond.

We give our clients the peace-of-mind, knowing that their immediate people risks are being solved, the confidence that comes with clearer visibility into their workforces, and the momentum that they need to shape tomorrow's workforce at the right pace.

We believe that together, Boards, Owners and CEOs have the greatest impact on whether or not people are ready to thrive and perform into the future.

"Truly impactful Boards, Owners and CEOs leave strong people legacies – for individuals, organisations and society."
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Elisa Hukins

Founder and Director
  • Elisa founded FutureCrafters because she is passionate about making a positive, immediate and long-lasting difference to Boards and workforces in Australia.  As a business psychologist, Elisa brings the science and art of human behaviour to the table.

    With deep expertise in people and workforce, Elisa draws on over 28 years of working with some of the best-known and most progressive organisations across Asia, the US, and Australia.  She has held senior advisory and leadership roles in PwC, Russell Reynolds Associates, and Mercer HR Consulting, and corporate HR roles in financial services.  Elisa has consulted with hundreds of senior leaders in relation to their most challenging people issues, including at 3M, Accolade Wines, Asian Development Bank, BAE Systems, Drinks Australia, Estee Lauder, Goodman Fielder, IAG, ING, Mizuho, NewsCorp, PwC, Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay, Super Retail Group, Vishay International, Virgin Australia and Woolworths, to name a few.

    Elisa is passionate about working with forward-looking Boards, Owners,  CEOs and their executive teams to set the right tone and sponsor the right actions, so that they can create the people contexts, capabilities and connections needed to proactively prepare people for the road ahead.

    The future depends on what you do today

    - Mahatma Ghandi -

    Core Beliefs

    FutureCrafters is based on the intersection of three deeply-held beliefs:

    An enabling environment

    We believe that performance largely depends on a person's environment. The right environment enables us as humans to learn, adapt and grow. Boards, Owners and CEOs hold the power to cultivate environments that are positive, empowering and set people up for their best performances of their lives.

    The age of humanity

    We believe that bringing the best of our humanity to work is a competitive advantage. To thrive, organisations must tap into the innovation, emotional intelligence, empathy, problem-solving and critical thinking of its people. As we hand-off repetitive tasks to robots and co-bots,  work must become more inclusive, growth-oriented and authentic.

    A future-led today

    We believe that by being future-led, we create the future we want with today’s actions. By making intentional future-oriented choices about the workforce, Boards and CEOs will find the compelling and rewarding way forward. Not planning for the future and hoping for the best, won’t withstand the inevitable scrutiny of the market and society.



    The best way to predict the future is to create it

    - Peter Drucker -

    How we work

    Our values are at the heart of how we work. When you work with us, you’ll see us be brave by doing what’s right and caring enough to be honest and straight-forward.  You’ll see us set a tone that’s positive, open, sensitive and inspiring.  

    You’ll see us bring others along by engaging and actively including key players to test, seek feedback and share in honest, respectful ways. And you’ll see us push the envelope to make a difference and move the needle on your future people agenda with creativity, agility and flexibility.

    Pragmatic priorities and actions..

    We work beside you to uncover and align key players around areas of priority. We co-create a practical path forward and involve the right stakeholders at the right times. You'll always know what’s next, and what it will take to succeed.

    That are agile and flexible..

    We quickly learn where you are now, and where you need to be. We work in stages to narrow the gap, so that positive change is achieved in bite-sized, well-paced steps. We co-design new approaches with those impacted, and include learnings along the way. 

    And leaving you stronger.

    We take the time to learn about the people expertise in and around your organisation.  Where ever possible, we engage your people and resources, and coach them to deliver, or work with them to supplement and grow your in-house capability.

    Future Crafters

    FutureCrafters gives Boards and leaders the momentum they need to solve people risks and proactively shape a future-ready workforce.

    Our clients are typically growing, disrupting, being disrupted, transitioning or preparing to do so. They are ready to solve current people issues and intentionally shape the workforce of tomorrow, today.

    Future Crafters

    Mobile: +61 (0)408 864 182